Holy Crap, I won something.

I feel like gushing like Sally Field right now. I won a contest, yes, me. I won, I really, really won. I won the contest that Fuelmyblog.com sponsored for the best reviews about Fuelmyblog. The contest was for $200 but it came down to a tie between me and Cybergal. Cybergal came up with the Fuelmyblog.com tagline of Great Wall of Blogs. So Kevin split the winnings between us. And that is great. I think that is the most fair thing to do. And hey that is $100.00, Sweet! Kevin you just bank rolled my Transformers purchases this coming Tuesday when I visit the Hasbro company store with my cousin’s wife Annie. If you haven’t signed your blog up for this great site then what are you waiting for, there are still paces in the More, Business, Life and All Sorts sections. The site is getting an overhaul in the next few weeks so be on the lookout for big things to come.

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