Holy Moley Mole

Photo-A-Day #2216

Auntie Tara finds all sorts of wildlife around our house. Now we have a mole hanging around. This little guy was out on the rocks near Tara’s door and she brought Eva over to see it. I went over later and took this photo with my cell phone. When the sound of the camera went off he scooted out of there right quick. Moles are good for Macro shots because they can’t see well and you can get up very close too. Wish I had my macro lens on when I took this.

For anyone who is keeping track of my Part Time Stay At Home Dad adventures I did a few things today: I scanned all of those pieces of art that Eva has made for the past year and all the Christmas cards with pictures. More shredding and a complete interior cleaning of Allison’s car. Some time at a park with Eva and very few TV shows for her. Laundry and folding said laundry. Yep, still working hard to get this place ready for us to move in a couple months.

Speaking of moving, our friends Neil and Andrea are letting us use the boxes they had from when they moved. Andrea brought a bunch over for us and I’ll start up my packing tomorrow.

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5 thoughts on “Holy Moley Mole”

  1. I hope you aren’t planting veggies or any bulb flowers in the vicinity. Cute little mister mole will eat them right up!

  2. Auntie Tara and her wildlife discoveries. Eva is going to miss her live in science teacher.

    1. Dad,

      Yeah, she’s going to miss having everyone around but will be happy when they come to visit. Eva’s going to learn how to garden with Auntie Tara’s help.

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