Home Again: Unpacking from #BBNYC17 & A Gift from General Mills

Thank you General Mills for the Personalized Bag and Cereal
Photo-A-Day #4476

Thank you to General Mills for the Personalized Bag and Cereal. While I am under no obligation to talk about this I did want to give a shout out and thank you. I opened the package last night when I returned home from Blogger Bash. Inside was a Thirty-One Bag that was personalized with BenSpark on it. This is a cooler bag that is large enough to hold two -Liter bottles of Soda standing up. Perfect for packing lunches for the whole family. Also in the package were a couple of General Mills cereals and a recipe book filled with great ideas for Summer treats.

I let the kids watch me unpack my bags from Blogger Bash and then showed them all the games and toys that they would get a chance to open on some future videos. They were very excited about the Hatchimals that I received yesterday. We actually filmed more later in the day.

After unpacking the kids and Allison went to see a play through the Tri-Boro Youth Theater. Our friend’s kids were in it. I went out and picked up my comic books. It had been a while since I had been out shopping for those. I came home with a stack of them.

We shot a couple of video unboxings and then decided to watch Disney’s The BFG. Neither of the kids were interested. Andrew fell asleep while Eva read a book. I worked on yesterday’s video and Allison watched the movie and knit. I’m going to have to swing over to my parent’s house to borrow the Back to the Future DVDs for the next time we have time for a movie. It probably won’t be anytime soon because next week begins four weeks of camps for Eva.

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