Home is Where the Heart is

Home is Where the Heart is
Photo-A-Day #1368

Or probably, Home is inside the heart, in this case. I was looking for something interesting to photograph today and I saw this ornament on my parent’s tree. I took a number of shots of it before I stopped so we could get a family photo in front of the tree. For some reason Allison, Eva and I don’t get these family photos on the days of the events. So instead we were all downstairs so we took a few family photos. I posted them to my FaceBook account.

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Also if you are into photography and would like to try a year of taking photos, here is a great site where you can post your photos each day or you can take a photo each day and post them once a week. I am going to post on the site Shuttercal every day this entire year. So if you sign up, friend me please.

Here is the other photo I took of the ornament, which one do you like more?

Photo-A-Day #1368b

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18 thoughts on “Home is Where the Heart is”

  1. ShutterCal looks neato! I don’t know that I will sign up though, got so much sites on my plate already an all.

    As for the two photos, personally, I like the second one the best, the minimalism works well. 🙂

  2. I like the first photo better, as you can see the details on the ornament better with the closer shot. Did you, Allison and Eva get everything you wanted for Christmas? 🙂

  3. Hmmm ShutterCal looks very cool. Since I am already doing a photo a day I may check into it. Except I was planning on being done with my project by summer and not continuing through the entire calendar year.

    Celinas last blog post..Day 157

  4. Thanks Chica,
    As for shuttercal it may be one more thing but it might also be a great way to put up your photos so you can see at a glance what photo was taken on what day of what month, you don’t have to post to it daily but could do it once a week or once a month even. I kinda like #2 as well but for some reason chose #1 for the PAD spot.

  5. Dina,
    We did have a very nice Christmas, I hope that yours was a nice one as well. And that New Year’s was a fun time too.

  6. Celina,
    You may be able to go back and start adding photos from the day that you started your year. My years begin on April 9th. So on April 9th on my 35th birthday I start year #5 of my Photo-A-Day Project.

  7. I like the 1st photo better the second one kind of looks like you blew the lighting. I kind of see what you were going for on the second on but for me it does not work. Maybe if the light did not have to be in the frame it would work better but those little lights don’t do too much.

    What is you moved the light back held the shutter open longer and upped the iso to collect more light. That would make it look like there was more light but you might be able to move the bulb out of the frame and allow the view to speculate on what was casting the shoft directional light on the side of the ornament.

  8. Thanks Baba, that is why I selected that ornament, I looked at it and then realized that if I looked closer there was better detail.

  9. nice photo man. i like the first one. i think the lighting is better. both pictures are so nostalgic. reminds me of years ago when my dad was still alive and wed decorate the family christmas tree together.

  10. Bryan,
    I did not know that, can you send me a link or some directions? Thanks for the feedback on the photo, I appreciate it. Oh and thanks for friending me on Facebook. I was surprised that we weren’t already friends there.

  11. Bryan,

    Oh, I missed that, see it now, interesting in order for it to work for me I’d have to have a photo-a-day account specifically.

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