Home of the Million Dollar Idea

Home of the Million Dollar Idea
Photo-A-Day #1522

I had a meeting today after work with a friend from work. He and his friends have some interesting ideas and I’m pretty excited that they asked me to talk about social networking with them. We spent about an hour and a half at this location. I took this photo because I want to have a photo to remember the discussion of a Million Dollar Idea. When I can talk about it I will be sharing it with everyone.

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4 thoughts on “Home of the Million Dollar Idea”

  1. Tim,
    Sorry, just the planing stages but be on the lookout as info becomes available, then I’ll be sharing it everywhere.

  2. I go to the mobil station next door on my way home for a snack about 3 times a week. I always wondered what type of people went to this little pub.

  3. It is a nice little place. I wasn’t sure about it myself, I’m not very adventurous in little local places like that, I love restaurants but little local bars sometimes are intimidating. Kinda feel like I’ll be the guy walking in and the jukebox will play that record scratch and the place will go silent and all eyes on me. Or maybe I watch too many movies.

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