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September 21st is World Alzheimer’s Day. I have been seeing advertisements on TV for the Memory walks that are being done to raise money to fight the disease. But that is not the only way that people can raise money for World Alzheimer’s Day. You can to pull together a group of people to do a walk and you can host a Purple Party.

What is a Purple Party? This is a “socially responsible” party that can be hosted to generate more awareness of World Alzheimer’s Day as well as awareness of the Alzheimer’s disease. The main purpose of the party in addition to raising awareness is to motivate your team and also raise funds. The Harrah’s Foundation will be matching the funds raised dollar for dollar during the month of September. If you want to generate more donations then register your party at and this will allow people who are going to the party or who cannot make the party, to make donations online. You can also make your own online information page for your party.

The website has some great fundraising tips. You could host a silent auction at the Purple Party. You can make it a personal event, have people share their stories, make it motivational. Many people are affected by this disease and sharing stories can help bond your party goers together and rally around this cause.

If you host one of these parties and you are one of the first 500 people who agrees to raise $150.00 you can win a free World Alzheimer’s Day party kit. This kit includes The free party kit includes:

– A DVD of Alzheimer’s Celebrity Champions
– Speaking points about Alzheimer’s
– Donation forms and envelopes
– Cocktail napkins
– Thank you cards

You can register your Purple Party today and help to fight against this debilitating disease.

Parties don’t have to be black tie affairs, and you can choose to make your event more sports oriented. How about a bkie-a-thon, a bowl-a-thon and so many other types of events. The bowl-a-thon idea is really interesting where you can ask people who are bowling and who get a strike or a gutter ball donate to the cause for each one. There are so many great ideas for Purple Party hosts. Take a look today.

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  1. Thanks for the post on World Alzheimer’s Day. The more people we can get to host a Purple Party the better. For those of you who know someone with this horrible disease seek out a way to contribute on the 21st.


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