I recently acquired an iTouch from coComment. I love it and have been using it for so many things. This past week there was one place in the whole hospital where I could get the internet so instead of lugging my laptop up to that location I would hop online with my iTouch. I noticed a few things while I was working with web pages on the iTouch. Things that would load quickly on a laptop took a long time on the iPod Touch. Also I would have to expand each page just to be able to read posts. I learned a few very cool things when I started looking into how to make my blog load faster, look better and be more recognizable.

How do I make my blog more recognizable?

My ultimate goal is for my readers is to have my blog added to their home screen. And I want them to be able to tell at a glance which blog is mine. When you are surfing blogs on the iPhone/iTouch you can choose to add them to the home screen. Usually when you do this a small replica of the blog appears and frankly it doesn’t look that recognizable from any other blogs. Take for example two of the most recognizable blogs online, Shoemoney.com and JohnChow.com. On the iPhone/iTouch you can’t tell their buttons apart. Can you?

Would you Add this blog icon to your Home?
Whose blog is this?

Would you Add this blog icon to your Home?
Whose blog is this?

Wouldn’t you want your blog to be more recognizable on your reader’s iPhone/iTouch? Which blogs are instantly recognizable below.

Recognize these blogs

That’s right BenSpark and W(ired)Kayaker (You have to shorten named for the iPhone/iTouch)

So how do I make an iPhone/iTouch button for my blog?

There are actually 3 ways to do this.

Option #1
Create an image file of type .png that is titled apple-touch-icon.png and place this in your root folder of your blog. The image should be 57 x 57 pixels.

Option #2
Install the WordPress plug-in Blog Icons. This plug-in also allows you to add a favicon to your blog as well as an iPhone/iTouch icon and also an icon for Feed Readers (This part doesn’t work well). There are some bugs to this plug-in though. You have to paste the url for your image into the url field because the upload option doesn’t work and the rss feed icon part doesn’t work. You have to tweak this one a bit.

Option #3
Option #3 is the best option in my opinion because installing the plug in WPtouch gives you so much more than a blog icon for the iPhone/iTouch. This plug in actually reformats your blog for better load speeds and readability on the iPhone/iTouch.

What can WPtouch do for my blog? (Continued at The BenSpark)

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No Responses to “How to make my blog stand out on the iPhone”

  1. Destri says:

    Third one sounds best, if the plugin does what it says it does. The first one sounds cool too, though, if you just want a nifty icon.

  2. […] I’ve been using my iTouch quite often, I got it from coComment. I noticed that when I load blogs on it I have to expand each one so I can read the content of the posts. This takes time and when I don’t have a lot of it I skip ahead to a faster loading blog. I stumbled upon the video above while looking for ways in which to add a blog icon to my blog so it can show up on the iTouch/iPhone home screen. I wanted to make my blog stand out on the iPhone. […]

  3. […] had some geeky fun. I even showed them how to add a blog to the Home Screen, especially one with a Blog Icon. In between we played Guitar Hero on the Wii. We did the Guitar Hero 3 version and the Aerosmith […]

  4. Jack says:

    Great Idea, Definatly going to try this out!

  5. Cabe says:

    It would be really neat to see someone with a blog that had a mobile section for it too. I thought about making it so you can see my posts and all the important blog stuff from the iPhone and taking out all the adds and other things that would slow down a whole page load. A mobile option for readers would be awesome.

  6. Wally says:

    Damn that is awesome – too bad you can’t manipulate the text also… or can you? Instead of WKayaker you could put (wirepicture)Kayaker or something to make your text stand out as well almost like ascii code.

    To be honest I have an iPhone 3G but I have yet to begin reading my blogs on it.. even though the 3G network is fast I just don’t have the patience to wait for sites that aren’t mobile optimized.

  7. BenSpark says:

    Hey there,
    I had to give you a name because a keyword is not accepted on this blog per my comment policy but your comment was a good one so I kept it. I don’t think that there is a way to put a symbol for the name but that is something to look into. I don’t have an iPhone but if it comes to Verizon I’ll certainly look into getting one.

  8. Geat idea….going to try that on my iphone blog

  9. BenSpark says:

    Excellent Dennis, it is a great plug in. Bloggers really need to be aware of all formats in which their blog is read.

  10. Rob says:

    Wow! I also have my Iphone but I haven’t try reading blog from it. I would love to try this so that my blog would be more recognizable. Thanks for the post.

  11. BenSpark says:

    If you liked this post you should also take a look at http://www.benspark.com/branding-for-the-iphone.html it expands upon the plug ins.

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