Hs/Ss Thursday 11/02/06

Here is another installment of He Said – She Said TV.

My Name is EarlRoseanne guest starred on this episode and it was rather funny. I loved the little girl at the convent when she deadpanned about being forced out of her home by a pack of starving dogs. Then when she asked Earl if anyone on her list wanted a daughter. Earl and Randy’s uncomfortableness around the words “I love you” and Crab Man’s love for Mr. turtle. The show continues to be excellent and incredibly funny. I loved Randy in the candle room and the voiceover from Earl about blowing out the candles because he thought they were birthday candles. The Jesus grill cheeses that looked like Earl. The show is priceless.

My Name is EarlI have to agree with Drew, Roseanne was a riot! Crab Man and his turtle was too cute! But the best was Randy with the prayer candles – I laughed so hard at that scene.

The OfficeJust when you thought that Michael couldn’t make you any more uncomfortable he goes and proposes to his girlfriend Carol at an Indian Celebration. This was after he told her it was a costume party and she came as a cheerleader. The “costumes” were traditional outfits for Indian people. There were so many great lines in the show. Michael describing how Kelly explained Diwali. Blah Blah Blah in a high pitched voice and then he says, 20 minutes later she explains it is like Indian Halloween. Classic Michael. Jim explaining why he rides a bike to work now and the sweat stains on him. Then Jim getting hammered and trying to ride the bike home was absolutely hilarious. Michael trying to kiss Pam and Pam asking, what are you doing, “Nothing, what are you doing?” Pam- “Refusing your kiss” Awesome.

The OfficeI love how Pam is coming into her own and calling Michael out on his ridiculous behavior. She’s got such a great delivery. There was no freaking out, no yelling, no talk of sexual harassment cases, just a quiet “Refusing your kiss.” Too funny! And her telling Michael that she was going to pull over and let him out if he spoke again – I adore Pam!

CSIAlan Tudyk guest stars on this episode entitled Burn Out. He plays a pedophile who is trying to reform his life. At least that is what he wants Grissom to believe – that he is a victim in this case. But later we find out that he deliberately set fire to his car, his house and he buried one of the two missing boys. Alan played this role convincingly and was so creepy. It was good to see him on TV again but it is too bad he played a scumbag creep. Not a lot of air time for the secondary players in this episode. I do like that they have an ongoing investigation happening this season, the one with the killer who makes the tiny exact replicas of the crime scenes. That is some weird stuff. I also heard that Liev Schreiber is joining the cast later this season. Nice addition to the show I think. Apparently William Peterson is going to take a small break from the show for a few episodes and Liev Schreiber is going to come in as another investigator. So the move is temporary at this time. This will happen around Jan 12, 2007.

CSIAlan Tudyk was great in this episode. Such a different character than we are used to seeing from his Firefly/Serenity days. Grissom didn’t seem to be on his game – perhaps the name of the episode was hinting at the reason for that… I hope his hiatus will fix that. I would like to know what’s up with the relationship with Grissom and Sara – the tease at the end of last season was all we’ve seen. Not cool! I really love that they are continuing to work on one murder/series of murders throughout the season. For the most part CSI shows have been little stand alone episodes; sure there is character development across episodes, but for the most part you can skip an episode or two and still be up on what’s happening. The diorama murders are a great way of tying the episodes to each other.

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