I Can Do it Myself!

I Can Do it Myself
Photo-A-Day #1525

Eva has been becoming much more independent and strong willed. Words like “Mine”, “Myself” and “No” are rearing their impetuous little heads. I really love this kid however she is trying our patience because she is wicked smart and cute and worst of all, she knows it.

For example, the other day Allison was taking Happy Feet out of the DVD player. Eva went to touch the tray and Allison said “No!” and moved Eva’s hand. Allison went to put in Finding Nemo and as she dropped the DVD onto the tray Eva pushed the tray in, jamming the DVD player. Allison was beside herself and so she called me to have Eva tell me what she did to my DVD player (it was a gift from Allison for my 30th Birthday). I get the phone call and Allison is exasperated telling me what happened. She then puts Eva on the phone and Eva says “I Just Touched It” in the most innocent manner. As Allison and I talked I could hear Eva saying “VCR” “Touched it” and “I’m Sorry” I swear that kid is way too smart for her own good.

By the way Eva’s even got those shoes on the wrong feet. She likes it that way.

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12 thoughts on “I Can Do it Myself!”

  1. Eva has found her autonomy! I love that she has her shoes on the wrong feet. A sure sign that she will question all the answers. My youngest son was famous for that too. Once when I told him he had his shoes on the wrong feet, he looked down, crossed his legs at the ankles and said “No, I don’t!” Some of these cute things you remember forever. He is older than you now Drew.

  2. Pat,
    I’m pretty sure that Eva is going to be one who does question all things. She’s got such an inquisitive mind and an independent spirit. She’s fearless.

  3. I knew right away when she was giving me a tour of our offices you were going to have a little leader on your hands. She’ll be speaking at IZEAfest before you know it. I wonder if Ashley considered booking her this year?

  4. Dina,
    I have to get that video processed. She was a riot showing us around YOUR offices. She’s already an IZEAFest veteran and eventually she’ll give all the big dogs a run for their money.

  5. HA HA! Wait until she hits the “terrible twos.” Nicholas is more stubborn than I am (if that’s possible!)

  6. Derek,
    That is hard to believe. Is he also making up stories. It will be fun to see them together this summer. I hope you have a chance to maybe get to the cape.

  7. She is so intelligent and she’s got a way of showing you. That age is so cute, even when they get into trouble. I love when they start to show that independent streak. I know that she’s making you proud now, but just wait, she’s going to really do some great things when she’s older too.
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