When I go on vacation my friend Peter is incredulous that I want to do active things. To him vacations are all about sleeping late and doing next to nothing. Well, I can do that at home. While I am on vacation I want to get out and enjoy the place where I am staying.

I want to have a nice room at a hotel or one of those Condo Hotels because of all the extra amenities that I am looking for. The place has to have a pool. If it is on the water then even better. I want to be able to go kayaking when I travel. I love getting out on the water in many different locations. If the place has kayak rentals or free kayaks for use then even better.

On our honeymoon Allison and I went to Aruba and we kayaked with a tour, that was a lot of fun. We would certainly go back there again for a fun trip like that. I would also like to get down to Florida near Key west and do some kayaking in the mangrove trees, I had better get a new camera for Wired Kayaker podcasts before I end up doing that. And I cannot wait to introduce our child to the world of kayaking either.

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