I Found Love in a Double Wide Trailer

Once in a while I come across a site that is so cool that I have to share it with you. I used to spend time on Myspace searching for different music artists to listen to. The thing about that was it wasn’t the easiest way to find new music to listen to. I don’t think the artist got paid when people listened to their music.

Enter Kerchoonz, a new site that pays artists when users listen to their music for free and legal. I just signed up for an account, which is free. I bounced around the site a bit and set up part of my profile. You can link to your social networks like Flickr, YouTube and Facebook. I’d like to see some Twitter integration too. Either showing your twitter stream or the ability to tweet out a message about an artist that you are listening to. I do like that you can make favorites of the songs you listen to so that when people visit your profile they can see who you like and you can introduce others to some great musical talents.

As for the artists I immediately found Amy Speace. Her song Double Wide Trailer is a fun country song. I just love the tune. I’ve listened a few times the tune is catchy and fun. Amy also has a nice voice and her band is rocking. I would have had no clue who she was if I hadn’t joined Kerchoonz.

The video below is Kerchoonz Live featuring the band Fortunate Sons. They have a wonderful sound, bluesy, folky and rock. This is what I love so much about the internet I find some excellent music all the time, Kerchoonz is certainly the place to find new artists that love playing.

When you join Kerchoonz look up my profile, username is BenSpark.


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  1. Baba, you are quite welcome. I thought they were pretty good. I also really liked Amy Speace. She had many other songs that were good too. But I couldn’t pass up the title of this post.

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