I Gave her Slugs for Valentine’s Day

Photo-A-Day #2869

I gave Eva slugs for Valentine’s Day and she loved them. Eva has become a fan of Slugterra, a show on Disney XD that I had to review a few weeks ago. While I was at Toy Fair I was able to pick up all the released slugs so far. I haven’t given them all to her though, I’ll let her have them a few at a time. We also gave her 4 Skylanders and we gave Andrew an Anamalz camel for Valentine’s Day.

Allison had the kids make a sweet card for me with the kids’ hands. She took Eva’s and Andrew’s hands and put them in red paint and made a cute heart image on the card. It is adorable.

It was a nice day to be home from Toy Fair, I came in late the night before and didn’t see the kids till this morning. We had a delicious breakfast that Allison made. We had eggs inside pieces of toast. The eggs were in heart shapes.

Eva and I did some snowshoeing, we watched a screener for Monday’s special Dinosaur Train episodes and then Allison and I went out for dinner while my sister, Tara came to watch the kids.

Allison and I went for a nice dinner at a place called PapaGallo. I had driven by the place numerous times and never knew that it was a restaurant. I always thought it was a kite store. I guess I should have taken a closer look sooner. While the meal was decent the service was a bit lacking. Pretty much everything came to the table at the same time and they got the dessert wrong but we ate the one that came because it was basically the same thing and it was really good, none the less. We were home fairly early which was nice because I rented us the movie Pitch Perfect to watch. It was really funny and we had a nice time watching it. A good Valentine’s Day all around.

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