I got my new BlueTooth Headset

Photo-A-Day #963 11/27/07My new BlueTooth Headset arrived in the mail last night. I charged it up for a few minutes and then got it set up with my phone. It worked perfectly. I am so excited that I can finally use my phone again.

My Treo 650 speakers stopped working for me and then the wired headset would work intermittently. I need my phone for work and for communication with Allison so I had to do something. My Verizon contract is up in January and I can’t get a new phone till then. So I have to make do for another month or so, limping and crawling along with my Treo.

But the Plantronics Voyager 510 BlueTooth Headset has been a godsend. First off it synced with my phone, no problem. And now I can make and receive calls easily. Then when I got to work I set up a pairing with my laptop and installed Skype. I’d heard many people talking about it and wanted to see for myself. Skype installed easily and my headset works perfectly. Now I want Bluetooth on my home computer. I’ll have to check it out and see if it does. If not then the next computer will certainly have it.

I’m also really enjoying being able to listen to music through bluetooth. I am connected to iTunes and listening to another person on the network’s playlist through my bluetooth headset. Technology is wicked awesome!!!!

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