I got one, Finally!!!!

Update: This puzzle piece was given to me as an exclusive for you to find. I had put it on my blog in plain site as first instructed but now it is on this post as well. Did you know that Veronique took these pictures with an hp camera?

Okay so you know how I’ve tried to get pieces for the online scavenger hunts in the past and have not gotten them. I’ve been too slow, asleep or just not special enough. But I got one, one of the coveted pieces for the HP and PPP photo Scavenger Hunt. I have piece #2. And I am actively trying to solve this puzzle. The fun is the hunt, it really is, the thrill and excitement and the interaction between Posties. It is just so much fun. It is also one of the coolest viral advertising campaigns ever.

And today the most awesome thing happened. The Tamale herself, Veronique, asked if I wanted to host an exclusive piece. Heck YEAH!!! I said. I would be thrilled to host a piece. I have to keep the piece in plain site on my blog. So the piece is here, on the blog. Can you find it?. And while I was posting this I missed the paid post with piece #13. But I got #13 anyway.

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