I have many subscribers!

This blog of mine has the most subscribers of any of my blogs. Today at a glance I see that 43 people are subscribed to this feed. That blows me away as I don’t get to update this blog nearly as much as my blog The BenSpark. That blog is updated on a daily basis and this one is updated a couple of times a week. And this blog is beating that one by 13 subscribers.

Since this is going out to so many people I am asking for your help. Could each of you who subscribes to this blog please vote for me in the iBlogCup? I would really appreciate the help. It is a blog competition that has a few rounds. Round one ends today and I hope to beat out a blog called Reverse Turkey. From there I will be paired up against another blog and if I win that round I end up moving on again.

It looks like if each subscriber takes a moment to vote for The BenSpark, each day I have a shot at this thing. What do I win? Nothing more than bragging rights. Also if you are looking for a nomination in the next round leave me a comment with a link to your blog.

Please vote every day in December. Just click on Vote next to the link to The Ben Spark (they separated the words.)

Join the Blog Rush.

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  1. I make sure that I set some time aside each day to do some blogging I think about blogging and plan my posts when I am not blogging that way I can be more efficient when I am online. Thanks for the comment and adhering to the comment policy. I appreciate that.

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