I have PR7 blog, exchange links…

I am getting so sick of link exchange solicitations. People with brand new ‘make money’ crap blogs are constantly contacting me to exchange links. My latest one was

“pulasthi said: hello there, I have a pr7 blog, www.digitalbutterflies.org I would like to exchange links with your quality blog. Please let me know if you are interested.”

The blog in question has been around since January. Sorry, but a PageRank of 7 isn’t going to be bestowed upon a crappy blog with 24 posts that has been around for barely a month.

If I could verify this false information in a matter of seconds, then why lie? Why would this person think I was stupid enough to exchange links with some crappy little blog that is probably full of regurgitated crap from other blogs? (Actually the person writes their posts but they are a mishmash of ads and random semi scientific posts.)

And if the blog truly was PR7 then why would that person care about a link from a PR3 blog? Come on.

So, how many crappy link exchange requests do you get each day? Where are they coming from, BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog, or somewhere else?


oooh, this guy wasn’t happy with me calling him out on his lie. So he sent me back a message

“pulasthi said: certainly i don’t need to lie. the blog is. www.digitalbutterflies.org it’s not still listed at my blog list. Please try to find what is the truth before accusing people. thanks”

If anyone can actually prove that yes this blog with 25 posts, that has been around for little over a month has actual real PR of 7 then let me know. Does anyone link to this blog, no (I checked that), is there really PR of 7, no (I checked that too) Faking PageRank happens.

After this message I looked into the different ways that people fake PageRank. Don’t fall for these tricks. Check blogs before you link to them. But most of all generate your own content, real content and don’t bother with these new make money blogs.

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84 thoughts on “I have PR7 blog, exchange links…”

  1. Nick,
    Those are the things I did. Also went to URLTrends. There were no links, nothing. And Exactly, no one has PR7 especially for a rinky dink site. However when I went to the site, sometimes the Google toolbar I have on Firefox said 7 and sometimes 0, so that right there was pretty fishy. Thanks for stopping to comment on my blog. I see you probably found me through entrecard. Well, I appreciate you taking the time to stop and comment on this post.

  2. Thanks Stine,

    I see that you come from Entrecard as well, I visit your blog quite often. Sorry for not commenting prior to today. I actually hadn’t thought that you had updated often because your header fills the entire screen wen it is viewed. I couldn’t see the content right away. Today I scrolled because of the CommentLuv link to your latest post. Thanks for visiting my other blogs. There is a little bit of everything. Google smacked me too. I had a couple of PR4 blogs, and this one was PR5. It has been around for years and my oldest blog for nearly 5. No way would a blog lest than a month old get PR7 over mine.

  3. Hey BaseGuardian,
    I visit your blog often. I decided that I should subscribe to your feed as well. I’m a big fan of many of the the things you blog about and I am happy that you took the time to comment on my blog. I will make sure that I return the favor as you have tons of great content worth commenting on.

    I should see if the Blog Comic can do one on this type of situation as the comic is close but doesn’t quite sum up what is going on.

  4. Hmm… never thought of that as a problem, maybe I’ll have to move my Entrecard down a notch to force people to scroll… I quite like my layout! Anyway – thanks for commenting. It was all I could do to not fill that post with very abusive, foul language – I’m still fuming.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Stine’s last blog post..How About An E-shop?

  5. I meant no harm in the observation of your layout. I like the photos. If you move the content up so that a viewer doesn’t have to scroll they will most likely see your post titles and be drawn in to read the posts. Your blog is very well done and I hope I did not offend you.

    I commend you for not blowing up over what happened to your husband. It is terrible and you would have been justified certainly.

  6. AMEN! Gah I HATE link link droppers. The people who drop their link in a comment, when their blog is already linked via screename.. or my favorite.. the people who drop by the social networking sites, saying nice blog, visit mine and drop a link.. funny they didn’t even visit.. how do they know it’s nice ya know.. it’s just irritating.

    My PR is Zero.. and I couldn’t give a two shiz less about it. Some people are so concentrated on their PR, they lose sight of what real blogging is supposed to be about.

    Chica’s last blog post..The Photobucketing Meme

  7. I have the SearchStatus toolbar extension for Firefox, and when I went to that blog, it showed up as unranked. Heck, it took me forever to gain PR on blogs that I started last year, and then I lost it all. Five big old goose eggs, lined up in a row. It’s an insult to our intelligence that this jerk would expect us to believe that he has a PR7 on that crappy blog.

    I haven’t heard from this guy, but I’ve gotten link exchange requests from other people who also try to lie about PR. I get these requests several times a week, and I usually just ignore them. I did get into it with this one guy abut his lame site, but he was so nasty and insulting to me, that I just don’t bother responding to these people anymore. Not worth the headaches.

    Christine’s last blog post..What’s your dream car?

  8. That’s so wierd, I never knew that you could fake a PR. I need to start keeping up with the scammers before I get scammed! This reminds me of something that would be seen on The Real Hustle T.V. show (youtube it, its good).

  9. Why don’t people learn that they have to put in a little bit of effort to get anywhere?
    *shakes head*….

    Am I glad I’m not that popular or am I just not going to the places you go to run into those people?


  10. I’ve actually met a couple of my best blogging friends because they requested a link exchange. Mostly, I just link to the blogs I like to read. If someone asks to exchange links, but I don’t feel their blog is relevant to mine, I just don’t do it – no matter what they say their PageRank is.

    Contrary to what some people seem to think, blogging is not all about making money. So, that being said, I have a PageRank of ZERO – wanna exchange links? 😛

  11. Chica,
    I get annoyed at the link dropping too. I have been one to do it, way in the past, it is a newbie mistake and a way to gain more backlinks. Legitimate comments and links on names are much better. And I use CommentLuv so you get two links anyway.

  12. Christine,
    I agree it is not worth responding, but this post certainly was one for starting a conversation on this blog. So in essence he did help me out a bit.

    I lost PR on all of my blogs except for this one. This was PR5 at one time. It really doesn’t matter as I will blog regardless and I will earn money regardless but that isn’t the main motivation for this blog at all.

  13. Travis,
    If there is a way for someone to be dishonest they surely will do it. It is sad that so many people attempt to cheat the system for personal gains by climbing on the backs of others. It happens in everything, even blogging.

  14. Hi Nicole,
    I don’t know how I attract it, maybe because I actually have a tiny bit of PR juice left to this blog, maybe I visited the wrong blogs and maybe someone was just taking a shot in the dark. Who knows.

  15. Veersundar,
    I am aware of the google toolbar, however it said the person had a PR of 7. That was the point, he was lying. There are other ways to verify the information. I will link exchange on this blog only when someone installs my widget. IT is still a link for a link but the other blogger gets fresh daily content from my blog. I think it is a pretty decent exchange. Thanks for commenting.

  16. Lisa Marie,
    I get these all the time, big annoying scams. I’ve had enough of it. Be real, have a blog with real content and put some effort into it, and maybe I will link to you. But if the blog is regurgitated stuff from other blogs then that blog has not actual value.

  17. Anna,
    You are one of those good bloggers that I have met and we have exchanged links. You have my photo-a-day and you are on my PAD host link list. I really appreciate that you host the PAD as your blog is a high quality one that I am proud to see as a host.

    Blogging is not about making money for me. I have made some and yes it has helped me out, I’ve put most of the money back into this blog for Hosting, new camera equipment and other things like that.

    I have also met some great bloggers who have wanted link exchanges. Just none that have misrepresented themselves or their blogs.

  18. I am not that lucky, no one leaves messages like that. if it weren’t for akismet, I would have such generic comments like “you are awesome” and then a list of 20 or so sites for pharma. I like blogging because well I am a writer at heart and the money I make just goes for stuff for life. Of course I am not John Chow and brag about my earnings. I feel that with my main blog that eventually some publisher will like what they see and offer to buy something or a job!

    jenn’s last blog post..Before Today

  19. Oh, the comment was from Blog Catalog. I get lots of comments like that on BC. Just keep plugging away and your blog will get the recognition that it deserves.

  20. Apparently this guy is hitting up everyone. Andy Beard mentioned the same site in a post just recently. I don’t think Andy will be linking to him either 😉 I also see the site as having no page rank. Maybe he actually meant it’s a negative 7.

    I think this is actually my first comment here, though I stop by occasionally. I feel like such a horrible blogger for that. Well not for the stopping by part, but for not commenting til now.

    Mike’s last blog post..Soo, I bought yet another domain

  21. No worries Mike. I hadn’t been to your blog and so I will be checking that out. I like the blog url though, very to the point. I’ll have to check out Andy Beard’s blog. Thanks very much for commenting. And I appreciate the visits too.

  22. opps sorry to hear that but i received something like that as well. although exchanging linx is not a big problem for me but i do understand your sentiment as to why other people have to lie and tell the world that theyve got pr7 and yet they dont have :-).mine is 0 and it turned 3 these last days but im not expecting anything about pr coz its driving me crazy lolz

    FRANCINE’s last blog post..Spam Messages Keep Coming In

  23. I try to be very picky about who I exchange links with. I have the integrity of this blog to think of. Google has recently done some giving back of PR. Weird but true.

  24. Agreed, link droppers are annoying. I find them particularly tedious because there is no real reply you can give back.

    But really, you’d think they’d first check for the nofollow.

    For linking focused on page rank … I have a rule at DWB (not hard and fast though). A blog must be at least 3 months old with decent content before I’ll feature them.

    And yes, a ton do not have decent page rank, but that has not hurt mine at all (unless I should already be a massive number … but I seriously doubt it).

    cat’s last blog post..Astheria

  25. Hi Cat,
    Thanks for the comment. I seem to get these sort of things fairly frequently and yes, there is no real response you can give because they shotgun these requests hoping to hit someone who will take their link.

    I stopped worrying about page rank for this blog long ago. I get decent traffic and good commenters, that is all I care about. But I’m not going to prop up another blog made for making money when they offer nothing in the way of content except what they cull from better blogs.

  26. Drew, agreed, you have an excellent community (I’m envious 🙂

    Sometimes I’m not too sure if it’s a hit and run comment or not so have to guess. Closing my eyes and hitting delete always works in a pinch though.

    And once when I made a statement about a comment sounding spammy, it turned out to be a friend of the blog I was featuring. Ooops. But she laughed it off and stuck around for awhile (they were both a lot of fun).

    Btw – I like your comment policy and explanation dealing with the use of real names. When I’m feeling really brave, I even use my full name. But, it doesn’t happen often as it comes back to me quick on google and I like more privacy than that.

    cat’s last blog post..Astheria

  27. Cat,

    The thing is, I debated about approving your comment because of the word Cat. But I knew the content of the comment was what was important and the word cat isn’t exactly a keyword that is real specific.

    As for my comment policy I do just hit delete often but I have this obsessive need to respond to all comments, could be what makes this blog that interactive overall, who knows.

    I think spammers could easily get through if they used a little creativity. But since that won’t happen I figure I’m pretty safe with my policy and reading and responding to all my comments.

  28. “… debated about approving your comment because of the word Cat”

    Hmmm, I didn’t think of that. I’m always cat online (too much work to keep typing out Catherine – and I even keep to lowercase for the most part).

    “I have this obsessive need to respond to all comments” … and if your comment garners no response, the delete button comes into play …

    Sounds like a great blurb for a comment policy.

    And yes, I can see where answering all comments does build a community. A very good point.

    When I started out I wasn’t getting comments on DWB. I told myself that DWB wasn’t that type of blog as it had a short review and that’s it. And when I did get the rare comment, I often forgot to answer.

    I know, bad. But I’ve now changed my format and it’s now a matter of building up an online community. I already have one heck of an email community via DWB. It’s just a matter of bringing them into the light ;-D

    cat’s last blog post..Astheria

  29. Cat,
    If you are using wordpress the best plug in that I have found for building community is the comment email responder. That is how I respond so quickly to each comment.

  30. Yes, I’m using WP. And yes, I’ve been watching the emails swinging in, wondering which one you were using.

    So it’s the one at u-g-h.com?

    I’ve been on the receiving end of some that are obviously auto. You know, with a canned “Glad you stopped by” rather than what you are using, which is the conversation.

    cat’s last blog post..Elliot Jay Stocks Breaks Away

  31. Cat,

    Yes, that is the one that I am using and have been for a long time. What is great about it is that I can just click next to your name and then type in a comment so it gets sent to you and at the same time added to the blog so a conversation can be followed by us and any interested parties that would like to follow along.

    I am curious, what brought you to my blog and to this post from February?

  32. “I am curious, what brought you to my blog and to this post from February?”

    I was messing around with a redirect at the same time Google changed their ranking two months back. So DWB went from a 6 to a 4.

    Finally this week I was put back to a 6 (I had DWB on page rank alert).

    Not knowing a lot about page rank (and truthfully, I didn’t care until I lost it) I googled. And there you were – with a great title that I just HAD to read.

    cat’s last blog post..Elliot Jay Stocks Breaks Away

  33. Wow, That is great to know. I have started working on making my titles better and well this one is directly from the person who tried to scam a link.

  34. Wow, That is great to know. I have started working on making my titles better and well this one is directly from the person who tried to scam a link.

  35. Here is another example of someone who just doesn’t get it. Did you even read the comment policy? Seriously, no link for you.

  36. Honestly, I am at the very basic level of PR and related knowledge. I am not sure even you will allow my comments to appear here. But when I went through your post, I need to open so many pages together to study, like fake PR, link request and few others. In fact, I checked PR of so many sites, including mine and yours too. 🙂 It helps me to clear some points that were unknown to me before. Thanks for helping me to gain my knowledge. I really don’t care even if my links disappear, but I like your post to read. So I will subscribe. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    Have a blessed day.

    CWS (Sudipa)’s last blog post..Increase Your Online Visibility by Submitting Articles in Associated Content

  37. Sudipa,

    I’ll let the comment be published, it is the first actual intelligent one that has come in for this post in forever.

  38. Sudipa,
    I don’t know what is going on with the feedburner feed. Now it shows 16. Oh well, I don’t really worry much about that number anyway, it is people and their comments that matter to me.

  39. Wow, That is great to know. I have started working on making my titles better and well this one is directly from the person who tried to scam a link.

  40. I know I miss a good Nigerian scam once in a while. You;d think that with all that Nigerian money they wouldn’t need to scam so much.

  41. Thanks for explaining the Fake PR thing to not so technical people. On Ebay they are many fake page rank sites for sale and people do buy them based on their fake PR.

    Pathetic way to steal other person’s money.

  42. You are welcome Jeff. However you obviously didn’t read my comment policy or the fact that I moderate spam. No keywords as names.

  43. There are loads of annoying people out there which think you were born yesterday. I’m sure there are plenty of people who do fall for such scams, but as long as you use common sense you can usually spot them a mile off.

  44. Exactly Nick. It is like all these people who have a get rich quick website think that I would want to link to them for any reason. I don’t.

  45. It is just as bad with a website as already i have had to disable comments on two occassions due to the amount of c*** that is posted and which my software does not allow me to moderate and that is with a site that only has a PR2.For sites with higher PR’s the spam and link requests must be enormous.

  46. Claudiu,

    I think the blame goes to the get rich soon websites and schemes which tells users that they can become millionaires by coping other people content and to support that fact they paste some edited screenshots. Most of the people think that this copy /paste is the secret mantra to get rich and there you get a crappy website.

  47. Interesting. I’m one of those newbies who has been looking for sites who will exchange links. Good thing I have thick skin or I would read this thread and think “Gee, I have no right to promote or ask for links etc.” It makes me wonder how long it’s been since you all began on this internet journey. It’s ok for you to make mistakes but not ok for the newbies coming up behind you? I see this blog is monetized pretty well. Oh, well…I’ll move on to a more supportive environment.

  48. Oops! Ironic that I gave you the wrong website URL on my prior post. Not that I expect you to post it but just wanted to make sure you had the correct URL FYI.

  49. Alexis,
    Nice ploy for a link, calling me someone who is not supportive to newbies. Did you even read the post? This guy was lying, a scammer. Do you understand that the guy was trying to use trickery to get links. Write good content, build your blog then attempt to exchange links. Don’t go out there after posting one article.

    I’m sick of people who haven’t done the work and want to reap some reward, earn it!

    And I began my journey in 1996. I made mistakes but never lied, berated or insulted anyone to get noticed.

  50. Actually, it wasn’t a “nice ploy” for a link. I’m really not stupid enough to think that you would actually post my link!

    And, yes, I did get it that the guy was a scammer. I’m just saying that as a newbie, the impression I had by the end of the thread was “Geez, damn good thing I didn’t ask for a link with my piddly new little site.”

    Anyway, reading back through, perhaps I was being a bit hasty and oversensitive. Anyway, FYI, here’s what I saw in your post that seemed “not supportive to newbies”…

    “I am getting so sick of link exchange solicitations” and “So, how many crappy link exchange requests do you get each day? Where are they coming from, BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog, or somewhere else?”

  51. Alexis,

    It would have been nice if the last two paragraphs that are in this comment were in the private e-mail you sent me.

  52. Yeah, Well I may have replied to hastily too in the e-mail I sent you privately, but I stand by the fact that insulting someone does not make a good initial impression. I think I’m a pretty welcoming guy. This particular post attracts tons of scammers trolling for links. Your e-mail even looked fake so I figured you were too. Now that I see you are a real person behind the messages we can have a dialogue.

  53. We get a lot of link requests but you don’t have to answer them, just ignore them and you won’t waste any part of your day at all. People seem to get so irate about spam email, my filter gets rid of most of it and I can see at a glance the rest and I just filter it by not reading it….
    I used to think bloggers were terribly egocentric writing about themselves and their experience but um, well, I’ve become one of you! It’s fun and getting feedback from people, total strangers that read and like what you do it so uplifting. I don’t do it for the money, the money only pays for my hosting and coffee and cake now and then, but when someone says that they laughed out loud reading something you have written. Well that has to be worth more than money? That’s what I tell myself anyway until that 35 euros a month turns into 350 euros! Keep blogging, love hearing what you are up to!

  54. Annette,
    I like to answer every e-mail. And I generally ignore the spam and garbage. However this one was so blatant, so over the top full of crap that I had to write a blog post about it.

    I’m still blogging, every day. Don’t miss out. Thanks for the comment.

  55. there are thousands of people offering a link on their PR…websites, most of them are a fraud.

    thanks for sharing your thoughts also.

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