The Cats think the litterboxes are suggestions

I learned about Hero Clean back at Dad 2.0 and now I am part of their Grime Syndicate. As part of this program I received a try it pack from Hero Clean with Laundry Detergent Pacs, Odor Eliminator Spray, All-Purpose Cleaner Spray, Dish + Hand Soap for free (Links are Affiliate Links to Amazon, Discount code below). My opinions of these products are my own.

When I first tried Hero Clean I was really happy with the scent. This is a great scent and I started using Hero Clean everywhere. I keep the Odor Eliminator Spray in my car to keep it smelling great. In fact, I recently had to drive a smoker around and my car stunk after that ride. I sprayed it down with Hero Clean Odor Eliminator and the next time I got in the car it smelled great.

I keep my clothes separate from the rest of the family so that I can wash them in Hero Clean Laundry Detergent.

What I use most of all is the All-Purpose Cleaner Spray to clean the basement. I use it all the time because our cats, despite having 4 litter boxes for 2 cats, still use the floor on occasion. I know that my basement floor isn’t that great in the first place but I’d still rather not have to clean up their messes on the floor. But, since I can’t stop them I have to clean up after then and that means using the Hero Clean All Purpose Cleaner Spray, a lot! That spray has many more uses but it never leaves the basement to try out the many other uses.

I have a discount code to purchase Hero Clean through both (HEROGUY1) and (HEROGUY)

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