I love Iowa…

and I’ll tell you why. The people here are so very nice. The folks I demonstrated for today were all so nice and I had a good time there. After the demonstration I stopped at the Cedar River Harley Davidson Shop. It looks like a horse ranch. The woman behind the counter was very nice to talk to, and told me about the shop and I commented that their shop was one of the most unique ones I had been in. “It looks like a ranch”, I said.

She told me that they actually own a ranch down the road called the Harley Davidson ranch. I though that was pretty cool. On my drive back to Des Moines I noticed that the rest area’s had wireless internet access. That’s a good idea, especially for business people who may need to send a document back to work or something. I stopped at a McDonalds for lunch and went to use the credit card machine but the machine didn’t work. The woman asked if I had a check, I said no and that all I had were the credit cards. She said she would just promo it and gave me my lunch for free. How sweet is that!

The ride from Charles City (America’s Hometown) to Des Moines was over 150 miles and as I finally got to Rt. 80 I spotted the grand-daddy of Harley Davidson shops, Zooks! The place is enormous and it looks like a giant barn. I picked up a custom shop pin from them and they also gave me one of their pens. See, the folks here are very nice. Zooks had one of the best layouts of a Harely Davidson shops I have ever seen. The showroom was so clean and there were about 50 bikes. They have a great custom pin too. Outside there is the barn motif complete with a silo. And on the ground there is some brickwork with the name Zooks spelled out in grey bricks. I, of course, took a couple of pictures.

So this trip was very good for my pin collection. I got to visit three great shops, Mason City Harley Davidson of Mason City Iowa, Cedar River Harley Davidson of Charles City, Iowa and Zooks Harley Davidson of Des Moines, Iowa. And that was all without consulting the Harley Davidson dealer locator. Which I just did to get the websites, and I see that there were about two or three more shops I could have hit today on the ride to Des Moines.

I also took pictures of my three new pins. They have been added to my Harley Davidson Custom Shop Pin gallery on Buzznet.

Also Mo sent me a link to a Harry Potter quiz that might be slightly easier than the trivia game. Harry Potter Quiz. I got only 2 wrong. The same ones as Mo #’s 3 & 9.

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