I love USA’s PSYCH

One of the more clever and interesting shows is not on network TV. It is PSYCH on USA. PSYCH is about Shawn Spencer, a guy who has trained himself to be hyper perceptive and he uses that to trick people into thinking he is psychic. Along with his boyhood friend Gus they open a Psychic detective agency and help the police from time to time. The show was on a hiatus until this past January 19th but now it is back. I just love the interaction between Shawn and Gus. They are good buddies and with one being a free spirit and the other being very uptight there can be some hilarious situations. USA is also doing something that I have seen other networks do. They are pumping up the website for the show with interactive items for viewers to go and see during the week between the shows. PSYCH has what are called Psych-Outs or rather outtakes from the show. These are set up but are very fun and usually involve some obscure 80’s song. Then there are the character blogs. Gus has a blog and so does Shawn’s nemesis Detective Lassiter. Actually Shawn wouldn’t consider him a nemesis but Lassie should would consider Shawn a nemesis. The show is a riot and it is on Friday’s at 10:00pm on USA. So set your Tivo for PSYCH.

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