I might go back to Ireland…

It looks like I may actually get one of the upcoming demos in Ireland. It is supposed to be in Dublin and so I am very excited about going back to Ireland. I went to Ireland in October of 2001 with the whole family and we had a great time. Allison and I had just started dating and I really wish that I had a blog from those days so I could go back and read what I would have written about the trip.

One of the highlights of my trip to Ireland was our tour of Glendalough and County Wicklow. We saw so many awesome things and I really should have taken many more pictures. Now if I go back I will take my good camera and get some amazing photos. Walking through the ruins of the monastery was amazing and there is just so much history that you can experience on these walking tours.

Here are some photos from our trip to Glendalough in 2001.



Allison and Drew in Glendalough

There is a website that I found that has many photos of the Glendalough area. There is also a section that describes the monuments as well as the history of the area. If you are planning a visit to Ireland a walking tour in this beautiful setting is a must. Get out of the city and experience the real Ireland in the country. Your camera will thank you.

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