I Need a Nap

I Need a Nap
Photo-A-Day #1421

That statement is not just a song by Weird Al and Kate Winslet (really it is sung by them and is on the Dog Train CD by Sandra Boynton). Today I was very busy at work. I started my day with a trip to the gym, 3rd one this week! Then I had a very long demo to observe, that ran into my next meeting which was a good meeting but there is now so much to do. I am coordinating a presentation that is open to the entire company. This is a high profile project, no more flying below the radar. Gotta put on the big boy pants now.

Today I did try my second can of BluFrog Energy drink. My earlier comments about taste aside I am pretty jazzed about this drink. I enjoyed my second can and it helped me big time to stay wide awake during a 3 hour demo. I was crazy productive to. I wrote a legal pad page size list of action items for the project for work as well as for the blog. I am so excited about my new theme that I have some awesome ideas for the site relaunch. I need to put wheels in motion though because much work needs to be done and I need to be ready when the theme goes live. I do not have a live date yet so all the more reason to do my back end work now.

Speaking of blog work, I have a bunch of interesting things going on in the coming month, there is going to be a Photography contest that will be open to the US and Canada, however for the top prize you have to be in Boston on the weekend of April 18 & 19 as the prize will be a two day pass to Digital Days in Boston. I will have other prizes as well. This will be a big photography contest and should launch during next week.

I installed two new plug ins today. I installed the MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate plug in and even signed up to be an affiliate. I signed up through Darren Rowse because the cost of the plug in was $30 off. I figure that if I am going to get serious about earning some additional income on this blog I need to pay for some proper tools.

In conjunction with that particular plug in I also choose to install the Unique Blog Design plug in called the UBD Block Ad, I learned about it from Life of Justin. I can’t quite get it to work right however, there are supposed to be two columns but I can only seem to get one column. Nate Whitehill from Unique Blog Designs has been great helping me out and offering suggestions. I ended up signing up as an affiliate for them too. I have a blog that was designed by those guys and I love the design. They designed Read To Me, Dad after I won a contest. They were awesome to work with.

On my action item list I put down test out my PoGo. I will try that out tonight. I have a bunch of ZINK Media that is for Blogs, Brews and Belly Laughs but I will use one pack of 10 to do some testing.

Because ZINK.com supplied me with a couple of PoGo units I was able to return the one I bought and use that money with the rest of the money from my Bonus mad money to purchase a Flip HD. I can’t wait for that to arrive. I am excited to see how the Flip HD works, I have heard so many great things about it.

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