I might not have mentioned it on this blog but my trusty Xacti C4 died. It was a sputter of a death but it is no longer working. It was a tragedy. I can no longer tape Wired Kayaker episodes. I wish I could but no more video camera.

Today however I learned about Sanyo’s latest video camera. This one is called the Xacti HD700 and it is the world’s smallest HDMI camera. For someone who travels all the time, like I do, small is very important. But in this small package big features are packed including a 5x optical zoom. There is also a 12x digital zoom. This camera can zoom up to 60X! It also comes with Adobe Premiere elements 3.0. I have wanted to pick that software up.

I certainly think I need to replace my video camera especially with a child coming. Sanyo was one of my favorites and now with the possibility of getting one that has a 7.1 MP camera and records in 720p would be awesome!

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