I love Silverlit Toys and want to become one of their 10 Official Toy Reviewers. This is my application video.

I would be a great Official Silverlit Toy Reviewer because I am a huge kid at heart. I love toys, gadgets and playing. My daughter and I have been playing with and reviewing toys for a few years now. Our YouTube channel has over 700,000 views and 240 subscribers. I have blogged for over 10 years and am an excellent photographer. I feel that we can tell a complete story with each toy that we test drive/fly.

I love interacting with readers and viewers and answer any and all questions. I’ve been a brand ambassador for many major brands and have always done an exceptional job for my contacts. You’ve got to work with brands you love and I certainly love Silverlit Toys.

Please let Silverlit Toys know that I would be a great reviewer for them. Comment on this Facebook Status Update and let them know.

Here is an older video where I reviewed the 3D Twister.

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