I Want to See Connecting Flights

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Have you seen the trailer for Connecting Flights? For one thing the movie is about bloggers who have a chance meeting in an airport. They have some fun adventures in the terminal and slowly fall in love.

I traveled for seven years before I stopped. While I was on the road I met many different people, some in the airport and some on the road. I spent a heck of a lot of time in the airports. Since you have to be at the airport two hours early for your flights and to get through security it means more time in the airport. I’ve slept in the baggage claim area once because of weather so I can certainly understand the frustration of being stuck in the airport. I never had as much fun as the people in Connecting Flights though. I did have one crazy little travel experience once but you can read that after you watch the Connecting Flights trailer.

I spent a few months travelling from Boston to Vancouver for weeks at a time. I had been waiting for hours to get onto a plane which was cancelled and the entire 777 needed to get re-ticketed. Then it was a mad dash to get home.

The plane finally took off at 12:15pm. We landed in Toronto at 7:35am. My flight began boarding at 8:05am. I ran down to get my bags, waited furiously in line till my bag came out, knowing that if it didn’t come out by 8:15am I would be stuck till noon. Once that came out I rushed to the gridlock of Customs.

I was with an English woman who said, well looks like time to put on the ‘English Charm’. I don’t seem to see her on the plane anywhere. Looks like American Ingenuity won out. I just slipped through one of the mazes into a group of Asian passengers who weren’t paying attention, I got up to the front of the line and dashed through Customs threw my bag on the belt and flew through security, ran down to the tram, it is now 8:30am, flight leaves at 8:40am. The tram sat around waiting while I practically had an aneurysm.

Finally with what seemed like hours we were under way. Once in the satellite terminal I was able to run to the gate. The last person on board, but I made it! On my way home to Boston! Yeah! And party weekend ahead. But first a little nap.

So, it turns out that, that was not the end of the story. Despite my fancy footwork in Toronto I was not fast enough to get my bags on the same flight as the one I was on. Nope my bags were retrieved from my front porch on Sunday morning at 3:45AM. Apparently, the slip for my name and address was written over with the address of another lucky soul whose bags also dislike traveling on the same flights. At least my phone number was readable and the courier company called and we got things straightened out.

It turns out my English friend was able to use her ‘English Charm’ (and some American ingenuity) to make the flight as well.

Sure my anecdote wasn’t as funny as the “trailer” for the “movie”, but it was an interesting trip home. What did you think of the trailer, pretty funny and unexpected wasn’t it.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, I am a Sears blogger, though all opinions are my own.

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