I want to see… PAD #1024

I want to see... PAD #1024

We have found that because Eva is so social she hates being unable to see everything that is going on. When we have dinner with my parents Eva usually sits in her bouncy seat on the floor. Tonight we tried her out in her high chair. She heartily approved and showed her approval with smiles and squeals. She is now making little laughing sounds with her Memere.

Today we watched The Italian Job, the original one. This was a strange movie starring Michael Caine. Benny Hill was in it as well. I had never heard him speak before. The ending was strange and there were many random characters. The car chase with the minis was interesting but I think the remake was much better.

Off to Chicago tomorrow to meet up with a couple of Posties for some delicious BBQ. I of couse travel through Chicago on every single trip because all flights are routed that way. But of course tomorrow I go through Philly to get to Chicago. Better not be any delays.

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9 thoughts on “I want to see… PAD #1024”

  1. It’s the time when she wants to know and see everything that is going on.Absorbing and not wanting to miss a thing. :)Just wait till when she wants to do and try everything. LOL.

  2. Eva looks so cute in the high chair!!!

    I never saw the original Italian Job. The new one with Mark Wahlberg is great though. very exciting.

    I love Chicago. I ate 4 dogs at one time on my last trip!


  3. Hi cajun,

    I am a big fan of your spices. I had a dog today, should not have done so. I haven’t had the Chicago style though.

    Thanks for posting a comment on my blog. I appreciate it.

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