Ice Water Lean... PAD #1074

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

I’m in LA for the next few days. Today I woke up bright and early at 4:30am. Then it was a drive to Boston. So Boston went and changed the roads again. There was a detour to the airport and with about 50 other detours you know the signage was good. I basically muddled through and found my way to the airport.

The flight was pretty uneventful and I caught up on my podcasts. I also caught up on all the Comedy Central stand up podcasts. I’ve been trying to finish reading Black Wind by Clive and Dirk Cussler. I got a little further along in the book and hope to finish it this week.

It was a pretty quiet day for me as I went to the hospital to check all the settings for the demos this week, then I had dinner at the hotel restaurant. It was delicious. They had these glasses that leaned and I can’t tell you how many times I nearly tipped the dang thing over. I had a nice French Onion soup and an incredible Grilled Swordfish. And then when the waiter brought the check he also brought a little chocolate covered strawberry. Glad I stayed in. Hopefully I can visit my Uncle Jim tomorrow night after the demos.

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8 Responses to “Ice Water Lean… PAD #1074”

  1. Mo says:

    Of course I had to comment about the French Onion Soup…lest we forget!! Haa! That (and a picture of your daughter on my cell) made my day!!

    Happy Saint Pat’s!

    Mo’s last blog post..What once was “lost” has now been FOUND!

  2. Drew says:

    Yeah, every time I mention that soup I am tempting fate. I know.

    Glad that Allison sent you that photo, it was really cute, wasn’t it.

  3. AVCr8teur says:

    I’ve never seen a leaning glass like that before. A few cool things about business trips are traveling to different places and eating well at restaurants. 😉

    AVCr8teur’s last blog post..Bird of Prey

  4. Dad (Grandfather) says:

    That glass would be interesting after a few cold ones. Eva came down and visited last night, cute as ever. Have a good day and be safe.

  5. Stephen says:

    Make sure to steal me one of those glasses

    Stephen’s last blog post..Rebate oh I will get my rebate or 33.3 hrs worth of free hold Music

  6. Drew says:

    There are certainly some good points to all this traveling, seeing interesting things is really one of the better ones.

  7. Drew says:

    I’m sure that they have more than a few of these tipped right over after a few cold ones. Even totally sober I kept almost knocking it over.

  8. Drew says:

    Wouldn’t stealing be one of those things that dogs don’t do? Or do they try and get humans to do their dirty work.

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