I’d like to make a home theater..

I will be researching the best way to set up a home theater. Now that Allison and I have the entire upstairs of the house most of our stuff is out of the old gym room in the basement. The basement is long and thin and could be turned into a home theater location easily. We would need to get things like seats, a projector and a screen. But I think we can easily find discount home theater seating online as well as all the other accessories that we would need.

I would also like a real popcorn maker, I have found some Harley Davidson ones that I would like to buy but will probably put that off for a while. The main thing now is to get everything out of the room and start setting up a great arrangement for viewing movies and sports events. As this project progresses I will let you all know about the things that we decide to do to get the home theater together.

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