Idleness if The Holiday of Fools II

Idleness if The Holiday of Fools II

I hate getting repeat fortunes. I figure that Megatron would not tolerate it very well. I imagine him getting a fortune cookie opening it and getting a repeat fortune. “You Fool Starscream! I told you never to go back to Fung Wah’s again!”

Are your Posts Standing Idle?

One thing that I try to do is link back to past posts that are really good ones. For example I have one about the GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr. I can’t always remember to put the link in each post when I talk about that gadget. So I bought Ninja Affiliate. It is for so much more than affiliate links, it allows you to put your linking back to great past posts on autopilot. That way your posts are not standing idle they are getting new life breathed into them all the time. The plug in was a pay one but well worth the money. It helps when I want to mention each day’s FortunateBluFrog fortune post. I don’t have to type the url of and put together a link. It is done for me. So efficient.

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