If I was to go on a Dream Vacation

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I’ve been using the HTC OneX+ for about a month now. I am in New York City for Toy Fair and the HTC OneX+ has been instrumental in me capturing some great photos from the event. Back in November we went to New York as a mini family vacation and I think the HTC OneX+ would have been a great phone to have with me on that trip. New York is a picturesque city and the ability to shoot widescreen images is a key factor in capturing great images.

With the Man of Steel Costume
Photo of me and the Man of Steel costume, shot with the HTC One X+

While New York is a great city to visit for a vacation I want to go bigger and further away. My dream vacation would be to go to Australia. I’ve been fascinated with Australia since I was a kid and have always wanted to travel there. If I was to go I’d want to pack light and nimble so that means stripping down the high tech toys to the essentials. The HTC OneX+ can do it all for capturing the trip. Photos, Video, Tunes and movies for the flight plus a plethora of Google Play apps. I need a map, BAM, I can get it. Need to find recommendations for where to eat, there are apps that I can get for that too. Where to stay, how about a tour, I can find it all with the apps on the HTC OneX+.

While traveling I like to take photos of the sites as well as my family having fun. I have two kids that are fast movers and taking photos of them with the HTC OneX+ is a snap with the continuous shooting feature. Whether it is playing on the beach or hiking in the outback I’ll be capturing all the action.

I used to lug around a big DSLR to capture moments but I found that having less tech gives us me closer connection to the family.

So, hopefully someday we get to go to Australia to see and capture all the amazing sights.

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