If you’ve never seen an elephant ski, you’ve never been on acid

Photo-A-Day #2340

Title is an “elephant” quote from Eddie Izzard. That guy is a riot.

I’ve been using my new camera these past few days. Have you noticed? The camera is actually a camera phone camera. I activated a new phone the other day, it is a Windows phone. I’ve had a Android based phone for nearly two years and it was certainly a two year old machine. The phone just got slower and slower. I was happy to be rid of it. It did serve me well for the past few years but it was time for a change. We’re actually going to go to iPhones eventually, once the iPhone 5 comes out. So it might be soon or it might be a while.

The funny and yet sad thing about the new phone is the software. The software for the windows phone is the Zune software. I had a Zune about 5 years ago and liked it well enough. But, once I got a video iPod the Zune was left in the dust. I gave my Zune away this past November during SwagsGiving. Hmm, should I do SwagsGiving again? I’m not sure. Okay then back to setting up the Zune Software. I loaded it onto the work computer on Friday. On that computer I have been using iTunes for my audio podcasts and would manually transfer them to my old phone. With the Zune software the podcasts will automatically update so that is great. The problem was that as I went and tried to update the software it completely crashed the computer. This happened over and over when I did a bunch of things with the podcasts. I was laughing a bit that loading windows software on a windows machine for a windows phone caused a crash on the computer. You’d think that wouldn’t happen and I hope that won’t happen on the home computer once I finally load up the software there.

So far I am enjoying the new phone. It is taking a while to get used to it and not having a physical keyboard. The virtual keyboard, however has been pretty user friendly. I figure that when I get completely comfortable with the phone it will finally be time for the iPhone 5.

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  1. What kind of photo apps do you use? I just broke my old iPhone with all my photo apps. And I don’t want to buy a new iPhone until the iPhone5 gets in store in october or something. So now I’m stuck with my old android and its a real challenge to go back to that after having an iPhone for the last couple of years. What kind of photo app for android do you thinks the best?

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