A while back PPP put out a call for pictures of Posties for their Great Wall of Posties. I went to my Kodak Gallery and selected a nice picture of Allison and I and had it framed and shipped to PPP. They received it yesterday. And they put up a post about it. I have been added to The Great Wall of Posties. So I am very excited.

Also I am Blog of the Day on Fuel My Blog and I have been talking to Kevin, who runs the site. I may be on a radio interview with him for a radio show in France. How wild is that.

UPDATE: I’ve been talking with Kevin at Fuel My Blog and here is the latest news about Fuel My Blog. “FYI I just got picked up by a UK magazine, your picture in the top spot of the JPG, it goes out to 30,000 communications directors in the UK!! Feb is the release date!”

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No Responses to “I’m all over the ‘net today”

  1. Karen says:

    Wow! That is cool!

  2. Allison says:

    My hubby is famous!!!!