The Vancouver Harbor

I’m in Fogville. Every morning it is dark, every night it is dark, every afternoon, well you know the rest. I am in Vancouver BC and it has been foggy and cold each day so far, oh and its rained for a change too.

So, I’ve not been uploading images this week. I’m on a dial-up too and I’m not able to really upload much of anything. I tried to take another picture from my hotel window again. If you would like a big grey image I would upload it, but however it is not much fun.

I bought an umbrella. I rented movies Charlie’s Angels 2 and Bulletproof Monk. I can rent in BC now from Blockbuster. Both movies were okay, lots of crashes and fights, guy movie stuff. (i.e. Movies that make Allison’s eyes roll.)

I found a new chicken wing sauce that is my new favorite. Honey Garlic! I had dinner at a restaurant called Montana’s last night and had chicken wings that were fried in cornmeal then coated with Honey Garlic sauce. They were awesome!

Hopefully the sun will come out so I can get pictures like the one above (Taken from

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