Improve your swing, improve your fitness…

I am not a good golfer. I’ve been golfing on two occasions; both were with my future brother-in-laws. These guys are good golfers. I am a terrible golfer. But I haven’t really given the sport a shot and I haven’t had the proper training.

I imagine if I took some lessons and learned more about being a better golfer than I would enjoy the sport more. I came across this article about Golf Fitness Vacations. Basically you go on a vacation to a very nice resort in some beautiful areas. You learn better mechanics for the game of golf and how to improve your golf fitness. Here is a quote about Golf Fitness Vacations

– All the Golf Fitness Vacation schools utilize patented technology to analyze the body mechanics of each individual golf swing. “The 3R Training Approach puts advanced technology in the hands of our expert Golf Academy instructors,” said David Ostrow, physical therapist and owner of Body Balance for Performance. “This Golf Vacation is designed to help you become more consistent, gain distance, and play pain free — all while on vacation.”

If I could learn to hit the ball straighter, further and more consistently all while I was on vacation I would be pretty excited about golfing. I would really like to be able to enjoy this game and I think that by learning more about it and getting some expert training I would be well on my way to being a fan of golf.

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4 thoughts on “Improve your swing, improve your fitness…”

  1. Even though it’s a paid post, I’m totally feeling you on this one. When I’m on vacation, I actually feel like getting in shape. Maybe it’s the beautiful surroundings, lack of work breathing down my neck, or whatever, but I totally get fired up about working out and believing I’ll keep it up when “real life” starts again.

    Also, golf fitness is very important. It’s actually really easy to screw your back up if you’re not in shape but trying to play like you are.

  2. I know that the one time I played golf, I ended up messing up my back. While I would rather kayak then golf, I do like doing exciting and energetic things on vacation.

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