In Daddy’s Shoes… PAD #1132

In Daddy's Shoes... PAD #1132

When I got home tonight I took Eva for a nice long walk around the neighborhood. Allison was off for a haircut and I had a ton of time to spend with Eva. I took her out for that walk and she threw her hat in the road 4 times. I caught it the first time and them put it back on her head, we walked a couple of blocks and I checked on her and the hat was gone. Nowhere in the stroller and she wasn’t sitting on it. I looked back down the road as a truck ran it over. We went back and picked it up, it had a tire track on it but I wiped it off. I put it back on her and we continued on. She dropped it two more times without me seeing it and I was amazed as how stealthy she was. Of course it is not like I’m gonna hear the hat hit the ground. The only reason I caught it the first time was that it hit me as it fell. She got smarter after that first one I’m telling you.

When we got home I took Eva and put her on the stairs in the front hall. I put her feet in my boots for a shot for the May Challenge. I have a ton of great ones but I loved this expression the best.

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10 thoughts on “In Daddy’s Shoes… PAD #1132”

  1. Mr. Fab,
    That is the most profound statement you have made. We are very lucky in that respect. She is learning early how to manipulate her daddy.

  2. Thanks Phoenix,
    She is a pretty adorable kid and I just knew I had to get her int he shoes for one of these MayChallenge shots.

  3. Oh my goodness. That shot is priceless. I agree with Phoenix, you are really creative. I can never be creative when taking pics. I think my kids are just so used to taking pictures they are always posing.

    1stopmom’s last blog post..MommyFest Party Intro

  4. Thanks 1stopmom,
    Try to switch things up and just go out and have a fun time with the kids, take a camera and snap a few images try not to let them pose. Capture them as natural as you can with a couple of quick candid shots. Eva is too little to pose as of yet but she does recognize the camera.

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