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Photo-A-Day #2599

I’ve been seeing friends of mine with photos on Instagram that are divided into sections. I thought that you could do it through Instagram and tried to figure it out. I was wrong, the frames are part of another program called Diptic ($.99 on iTunes). Diptic is an app for the iPhone and it integrates with Flickr, Facebook, Posterous, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram. With Diptic you can take multiple photos and put them together into one square photo. Then you can run that through Instagram or other filter apps.

For the image above I took three photos.

Pull Over

The top is the police ATV pulling over the bad guy’s truck. He’s bad because he has an old time prisoner’s uniform and also he came with a brick of gold, a crowbar and money.

You can't catch me Copper!

The bottom left is the bad guy close up on his expression.

I ride for justice!

And the bottom right is the police officer in his shades determined to bring the guy to justice.

So I took those three images and I put them into Diptic. There I could decide if I wanted to round the corners of each cell or the whole photo itself. So I made this image.

Pull over mister!

I then took that image and put it into Instagram and changed the filters and the focus. What I probably should have done was take each individual image put it into Instagram and set the focus and then pull them all into Diptic. There is a lot I still have to learn about these tools but they are fun to play with. I do like the ability to tell a story in one photo too. Makes me think more about what I’m shooting.

I learned about the Diptic app from my friend Aimee Giese (@GreebleMonkey). She is teaching a class on LiveItToTheFull.com about using the iPhone to take photos. It is only $29 and will be so worth it. I attended a session that Aimee led at Evo Conference a couple of years ago and she is very knowledgeable so this will be an information packed class. The class is called Easy iPhoneography. It runs from June 4 to 15.

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  1. I have been great fan of instagram! Thanks for introducing us about the application Diptic! It’s indeed so awesome to see those pics arranged in different frames and combined to the single pic! BTW the story of the police guy and the bad guy is really interesting! I wanted to know did that good police catch that bad Guy?

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