In Momma’s Shoes

In Momma's Shoes
Photo-A-Day #1325

Eva is walking around the house all the time now. Sure she walks a little like the mummy but she is walking. I call her Godzilla because instead of walking around things she just blasts through them. Toys, shoes, you name it, she walks along leaving a wake of childlike destruction behind her.

Today we started getting a home delivery of milk from Munroe Dairy. This is a local dairy just over the border in Rhode Island. They deliver anything from milk to pizza ingredients. Eva is a milk drinking fiend and having a steady supply on hand is crucial so we are glad to have this service now. We are also very grateful for it and for the help making it a reality. I’ll have to get a shot of the Milk Box. It was very cool this morning going down to find our new milk box and inside a crate with 4 bottles and some yobaby yogurt form another local farm, Stonyfield. Stonyfield farms used to supply the frozen ice cream at Saint Anselm College. It was such a treat being able to go and get ice cream at the dining hall whenever you wanted some.

If you were wondering if we actually got the photos on the wall, we did and they look really nice.

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