In Plain Sight: Trojan Horst

I think that with this episode of In Plain Sight the show is finding its groove. This was the best episode so far. I think I liked it because it guest starred Dave Foley as a Jonathan Mardukas to Mary’s, Jack Walsh. If you don’t know who those characters are then you best go rent yourself a copy of Midnight Run. Foley’s character, Horst, is an ‘assistant’ to a hitman named Lola. He makes a deal with WITSEC because he can draw Lola out. Foley is also a whiny pasty guy who is both asthmatic and diabetic. Transporting him should be no problem.

While transporting Horst, Mary and Marshall make a pit stop and there is an incident where a water bottle is dropped under their car. We find out later that this was some sort of setup to put some acid under the car to make it konk out on the road, int he middle of nowhere where there is no cell reception.

So Marshall and Mary fall into a trap. Marshall is shot and Mary drives the bad guys away. Marshall, Mary and Horst drive out even further into the middle of nowhere and hole up in an abandoned building. But the bad guys find them. Mary goes to kill them as Marshall is incapacitated. While she is trying to sneak up on the bad guys she discovers that the bad guys weren’t after Horst, they were after Mary and Marshall.

In a great scene between Mary and Horst she sings The Kinks song “Lola” and reveals that she knows that Horst is actually Lola and that he set himself up to perform a hit inside a jail. Now it was his people trying to free him from the Marshals.

In the end the bad guys are caught but Marshall’s fate is left uncertain.

The good – Marshall knows so many interesting things and knew the lifesaving way of clearing the air from his sucking chest wound.

Mary reads Marshall’s mail, this sets up some major passive aggressive bickering between Marshall and Mary.

Marshall and Mary’s relationship is explored further, it isn’t a love thing but they are pretty much each other’s only friends.

While Brandi and Jinx are in the episode their storyline wasn’t too terrible.

Here is what TV Squad said.

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