In the Details

In the Details
Photo-A-Day #1376

I like to shoot things up close. I love the macro settings on my camera and the macro lens. But sometimes I get a pretty decent shot just by getting up close to something and seeing it from a different perspective. A State Trooper, and good friend, of ours lives at our house. He always parks his cruiser next to my car so today I saw the way the fender looked with the words State Police and thought, that looks cool let me get a nice shot of that. And I wasn’t too impressed with it but I still liked it a bit.

MA State Cruiser

Something really cool that I’ve been using lately is the site called Shuttercal. It is a small site but works really well. You can upload a photo-a-day, something I really like and know a little something about, to the site. You can make friends and you can comment on each others’ photos. The thing that I really like is that it limits you to one photo each day so as a friend it is easy to check out the best photo for that person each day. Commenting is easy and uploading and adding images is also very easy.

A site that I am also working with is called and there will be little ads on my images for a while. If you see something that is inappropriate please let me know. So far the ads are pretty decent and certainly unobtrusive. You won’t see them unless you mouse over my images. I have no idea what the income is for this and so I will keep you informed as to whether this is worth looking into. Please let me know what you think of the little ads, do they bother you, do you like them, do you care?

Here is something that you should care about is you are a parent. The CPSIA is going to kills small home based business.

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6 thoughts on “In the Details”

  1. Michelle,
    So far so good, I do like how you can control keywords on each and every photo that you post as well. I’m not sure that anyone will really click but you never know.

  2. Lenny,
    If we could convince him to park closest to the street it might be a deterrent. We still have some jackasses who speed down the street, but not too many.

  3. I’ve read quite a bit about CPSIA, and everything I’ve learned bothers me. Apparently the law is very vague, and nobody wants to interpret it.

    One of the issues in question is library books. Some people say that since children read/touch/handle library books, each one will have to be tested. Some librarians have been quoted as saying they will either have to remove ALL childrens’ books from the library, or ban children from it. Libraries can’t afford to test thousands of books, at hundreds of dollars per test.

    That’s just ONE ridiculous aspect of it. There are many more.

  4. Tracye,
    It seems that this law was not at all thought out. The fact that no one can interpret it either is sketchy.

    The library thing reaks of Fahrenheit 541. Scary.

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