Review: Incredibles 2 Toys from Jakks Pacific – Power Couple and Jack-Jack Attacks

Incredibles 2 - Power Couple

I received some new Incredibles 2 Toys from Jakks Pacific toys as part of a fun Twitter Party that is happening today along with The Toy Insider. I am a Toy Insider Parent and write for the Parent Panel blog. Opinions of these toys are my own.

The Power Couple toy is Bob Parr and Helen Parr as Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. The Mr. Incredible figure provides over 45 sounds and phrases. He is also the solid toy in the pair and he is the launcher for the stretchy, rubbery toy, Elastigirl. You put Easltigirl’s hands into Mr. Incredibles hands and pull back on her legs to stretch her and then release. Mr. Incredible’s arms fling forward and off goes Elastigirl into the air. She can also be launched at targets. The set includes three targets of the villains of the movie. You can take aim with the Power Couple to team up and defeat the bad guys.

Incredibles 2 - Jack-Jack Attacks

The Jack-Jack Attacks toy is adorable. It comes with Jack-Jack Parr and his little raccoon. I don’t know anything about this raccoon, is it a toy or a real raccoon. It looks like it is real but that is not safe for a baby, even one who can do so many things like Jack-Jack can. The Jack Jack Toy can be posed in a sitting or standing position. He also has a bunch of lights and sounds. His head lights up all red when he is going into his firey mode and it turns blue when he is going to teleport. He also makes silly baby sounds like raspberries, toots and giggles. Kids will really enjoy playing with him. He also has an adorable little tuft of hair on his head.

These are both great little toys and lots of fun to play with. My thanks to Jakks Pacific for sending them along for me to play with and review.

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