Last week I went to talk with my financial advisor. I’m shifting some things around and making sure that we are in better positions when the baby arrives. One of the things I need to make sure and do soon is get some life insurance.

Luckily I am in pretty decent shape so I shouldn’t have too much trouble getting insurance however there are people who have a real difficult time getting insured. People who participate in high risk activities or avocations often have difficulty getting insurance however they can often get high risk life insurance. This would be for people who participate in activities like skydiving, pilots, having heart disease or cancer. I can’t imagine not being able to secure insurance for the well being of my family in the event of my death.

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4 thoughts on “Insurance…”

  1. Mike bought a very good life insurance policy years ago through IEEE, a professional organization for electrical engineers. It was one of the best investments he ever made, because it is not connected with any job he’s ever had.

    Although he has another life insurance policy through his work, he’d lose that when he changes jobs or retires. With all of his health problems now, getting another private plan would be difficult. It’s a good thing he’s been keeping this policy paid over the years.

    Getting insurance that’s not related to your job is a very wise move. Do it if you can. because then, as long as you pay the premiums, it will always be there.

  2. You made a good move in consulting your financial advisor. Your expenditures would be different after the baby’s arrival and a sudden adjustment might be difficult. It’s good that you’re preparing the insurance and all as early as now.

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