Last night I stayed at a Fairfield Inn. I like Fairfield Inn, Courtyards and Residence Inns because they offer free wi-fi access. What really burns me up is that full service Marriotts do not offer this free service, rather they charge up to $15.00 a day to use the Internet. Now airlines may be getting into the wi-fi business and that is fantastic, as long as it is free. The problem I have with a pay service is that every airport or carrier is going to have a different service and for someone who travels all over the country on every different airline it is totally impractical to sign up with multiple services for wi-fi. I am sure that there has to be a way to get that money for the service from the consumer without charging $15.00 a day. If airline companies are going to start offering wi-fi that should be free and added to the price of the ticket. With free wi-fi I could be very productive while I sit in the airport waiting for my next flight. I have to be at the airport anyway so why not get something done while I am there. Now with PayPerPost I can be earning money from my days of Internet productivity with free wi-fi. That would be worth it.

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