Photo-A-Day #1315

Crazy day driving home with the sunglasses on. This is getting ridiculous. The world looks so different without my glasses, I would like either pair to arrive soon. I just get so tired, because of my eyes. It is weird driving at dusk with sunglasses.

I am still having problems being able to actually write my post on my blog, still writing it in utterli first. I have not been able to find a fix for this issue but eventually I will get it fixed because it is very annoying.

You may have noticed that I have a banner ad at the top of the blog. It is for $5.00 off a $30 order at I love because that is what I use for all 7 blogs that I have something to do with. There are four blogs that I am actively posting to and two in development as well as Allison’s blog. They are all on
. I even host my blogs through GoDaddy and they are all there now, no more being on blogger or any other free service. I pay for my hosting and I am very happy with that because I can use WordPress on each blog and I think that makes for a much better blog.

When I first signed up for I was immediately contacted by a customer service rep who talked me through a bunch of questions that I had and he even asked more questions that I didn’t know I had. It was a wonderful experience for me and because of that I have recommended it to my friends like Neil at We’ve got much more to do with it but the site is up. I would also recommend that StephenTheDog use GoDaddy as well because he needs to get off blogger too. Now with the election over he has time on his hands before the next plan of his.

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6 thoughts on “Inverted”

  1. Stephen,
    Oh you already do. Oh well, glad to hear that. I seem to recall for the kiteboard website. Get motivated mister, the election is over and Nabisco won’t return your calls.

  2. I’ve never mail ordered glasses for myself, but I still have to wait forever when my prescription changes and I need new ones. Those “glasses in an hour” places can’t accommodate my very strong scrip. I need new glasses soon, and I will probably order two pairs. If I don’t have a spare and something happens to my glasses, I literally cannot function.

    I have a pair of prescription sunglasses, which I hardly ever wear because I didn’t like them once I got them. But they did come in handy this one time when one of the cats knocked my glasses off the nightstand, and I couldn’t find them. Mike had already left for work so wasn’t there to help me. Having the shades was better than nothing, they did help me find my regular glasses, but I wouldn’t want to have to wear them all the time!

    Hope your new glasses arrive soon!

  3. Thanks Jason,
    I like your blog, some fun stuff there. Thanks for all the comments today. How’d you find my stuff? Ted Murphy’s blog?

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