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Photo-A-Day #2381

Instagram is the little darling of the iPhone photography apps, it is quick easy to use and very social. I’ve been envious of all my iPhone friends for some time because they can use this app. Now I have the app and I can use it as well to take and share square photos with fun filters. I was walking around the office and saw that someone had done some papercraft to make this cute bear with a tie. I tried a bunch of ways to do this photo and settled upon this one that takes in the striped chair in the background. I think I’m going to have some fun with this app.

Allison did a Barefoot Books event today at the Early Learning Center. I went over to help her set up but apparently when I wasn’t looking she went around the building and had her car unloaded for her so there was really no point for me to be there. Oh well, I’m happy to help Allison as she continues to learn more about running her own Barefoot Books business. She does a really good job and raised some money plus a donation for the ELC.

When I got home this morning from work I watched two episodes of Transformers with Eva. I had told her last night that we would watch them this morning. she met me at the door with her Rescue Bots in hand. She was so excited for them to meet my Transformers. I had my Transformers Generations Wheeljack to share with her. She was very excited because Wheeljack and BumbleBee are featured in the first episode of the Transformers classic cartoon. After the show was over she sang the theme song over and over again. She was so cute.

Speaking of cute, there was a new episode of My Little Pony on today and after I had slept for the afternoon I watched it with Eva. I like the show, I find it funny and entertaining. There are many good jokes in it and we have a lot of fun watching it together. I talked about My Little Pony on the Geek Dads Weekly Episode that was recorded this past Thursday, it is not up yet but soon. I’m sure it will have some title that mentions My Little Pony.

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6 thoughts on “iPhone and Instagram”

    1. Dave,

      The iPhone does continue to get better and better, it is amazing. So you watch My Little Pony too? Who is your favorite pony?

    1. Justin,

      You said it. The thumbnail is perfect on Shuttercal. I can’t wait to see how they look on the printed cards. I am going to do 4 months at one time and have all those cards delivered at once.

  1. You did a great job with the photo. It is amazing that an app in iphone can produce this. I enjoyed watching transformers when I was a kid. My son is fond of watching this new Transformers animated series and I enjoy watching it together with him. He is always amazed with the so many things I know about the decepticons and autobots.

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