Iron Men

Photo-A-Day #2591

Work weekend means lots of sleep during the day. Neighbor with gas powered remote control car and four straight hours of play time makes for a little less sleep. Actually, it wasn’t too bad. I have ear plugs and they block out most of the sound, I still hear some of the whine of the engine but not all of it. I just hope this guy is training from some big race or something because four straight hours of playing with a remote control car seems a bit much. I mean, I enjoy remote control cars, I have a bunch of them but I can’t imagine playing with them for four straight hours, there’s only so much they can do.

I got home today and there was my copy of Marvel’s Super Heroes magazine waiting for me, or rather for Eva. She enjoys Super Heroes and loves a bunch of things to do with them. She even told Allison tonight that if she could have one wish her wish would be that Super Heroes were real. She is too funny. I get so proud how she is absorbing the information that I tell her about Superman, Batman, Iron Man and more. She was swapping bodies and accessories from LEGO Super Heroes mini figs and then showing Allison and laughing like crazy. I’ve got to start writing down the stories she comes up with.

I finally finished reading Transformers Exiles. So now I can start reading Game of Thrones in earnest. I’ve been working on starting this series a few times but each time I do something new comes up, but now I have nothing in the queue and ready to commit to reading 5 gigantic books in this series.

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