Is the Wired Kayaker a Big Deal?

I am a big deal blogger and deserve to win this funny t-shirt and win $500 because…

I have not seen another one the water podcast before and I also got featured in my local newspaper. So I guess I may just be a big deal. Before you go thinking I have gotten a waterlogged swelled head let me tell you that I am just playing. I am not a big deal, I’m just a guy who brought his camera on his boat and started talking. And then that camera died. I’d love to get a new one so I can get back out there and film and $500.00 would certainly help me do that.

There is this competition going on at FuelMyBlog where I could possibily win a T-Shirt or even $500.00 from

This is another one of those voting contests and in the last one I came in 4th. That is good enough to get me a T-Shirt this time around, but $500.00 would certainly be nice. So if you think I am kind of a Big Deal or even if you think I am not and am just full of myself, please vote for me in this .

Join the Blog Rush.

Help Me Win a T-shirt or $500.00 from FuelMyBlog and I could really use a new video camera so the podcast could start back up again.

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