It amazes me…

It amazes me how advanced technology continues to become. I have learned of a program online that can check for plagiarism. This is some amazing software technology that allows both students and teachers to check work online against publications of many different types be they hard or soft printed.

This is how it works. Students or professors can submit their document to That document is checked against both online and offline publications, texts, blogs, PDF files, books, articles and journals. The software resides online and users do not need to download anything. They simply upload their document, and many file types are allowed. Users can upload many different formats including: Word, PDF, RTF, HTML, Post Script and plain text.

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The iPlagiarism software instantly goes to work and returns a report and as little as 2-3 minutes. The report starts with a “Matching Index”, and this is a meter of how close in nature the uploaded document is to other documents. The Matching index serves at a warning sign that can instantly alert the user to potential plagiarism. The Matching index is found in the Report information section of the report. This is an area that contains the information needed to identify the submitted document. Users can also decide to save, print or e-mail the completed report.

The body of the report shows a list of suspected sources as well as links to those sources so that you can do a visual comparison of your own. You can use the Source Highlighting area to expand the information from the sources where the document may have been plagiarized. The next section is the actual manuscript text of the uploaded document. In this section you can see the areas where the text may have been plagiarized and you can compare the uploaded document text with the potentional source from which it may have been plagiarized. This part of the report is interactive because the user can see the possibly plagiarized text, click it and open up the Source Comparison window. This window shows the user a percentage of similarity between the uploaded document and the source document that was discovered during the comparison search to generate the overall report.

So who benefits from this type of software. Well, first of all the individual who did the plagiarizing. That is right, because getting caught plagiarizing can be a wake up call for that individual and it can also identify if that person has any learning deficiencies. Concerned teachers can benefit to make sure that the students that they are teaching are living up to their potential and not cheating to get by. We live in an information age and access to information all over the Internet and in magazines, and other written publications is all around us and readily and easily available. The temptation to copy and paste from a blog or website is too great and being able to detect plagiarisms will help not only the professors but also the students.

The pricing for this software is very reasonable and there are many different levels of price point for many different needs, like the student, the professor or the casual/occasional writer.

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10 thoughts on “It amazes me…”

  1. This is a good idea. It seems like teachers need it the most, but do they really have the money to pay to check all their student’s submissions? I don’t think so.

  2. I’m sending this link to my business contact! Awesome!! We’re having a struggle with some profs that photocopy textbooks and SELL them as their own work!! NO Way!! Not on my watch-this is perfect!!

  3. For years we have done the google thing: take one fishy sentence, google it in quotes, and VOILA: gotcha!

    Works like a charm. Instant evidence.

    Also, in schools with student accounts, you can then go to the account (say, if a parent objects) and correlate the plagarism to the exact time. Gotcha again.

    Then they are forbidden to even look at a computer until the lab boss calms down. that can take months.

  4. Seeing the technology that kids are using today all the time, it is going to be very interesting to see what kids are using in the way of technology 20 years from now. Thinking about what I had as a child compared to what my little nephew and niece have in the way of technology baffles me. I couldn’t imagine trying to entertain one of them with the simple little toys I used to have so much fun with. Now its iPhone’s and 3D televisions. Great post!

  5. I use that same duplicate content checking software for keeping the class that I teach from cheating on their writing assignments. It works really well, and I think the kids are more afraid of getting caught now that they know that programs like this exist. I’m sure it is only a matter of time they figure out a new way around this plagiarism checking tool, but for now it works wonders keeping them in line.

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