It is Not Summer Until…

It is Not Summer Until...
Photo-A-Day #1508

Allison says that it can’t be Summer until she dips her toes in the water at Heights Beach. Once she gets a chance to do that then Summer can go ahead and start. Well, Summer, you officially have the go ahead form both Allison and Eva.

We spent last night at the Cape house with my parents. Eva took a little work to get down, she wanted her own bed, the poor kid has been everywhere for the past few weeks I’m surprised she knows her up from her down at this point. It was nice sleeping there, we can always sleep a little late there unlike here at home.

This morning we spent some time hanging around the house. Eva rediscovered her exer-saucer (she actually enjoyed playing in it very much, we thought we were going to have to mothball it till the next one comes along and all. Then Auntie Shelby came over and Allison, Eva, Shelby and I went to the beach. Eva was so funny, she wanted nothing to do with getting sand on her feet or hands. She kept wiping it off. I’m not sure how that is going to fly this summer since she’ll be spending a fair amount of time at the beach. She did meet some new friends today though and looks forward to beach time with them.

We also spent some time at the hospital. My Grandmother is not doing well at all. I went over to visit her early in the day. Allison suggested that I print out one of my pictures of Eva and frame it for her. That is a good idea since Eva cannot see her in the hospital. So, I printed out this photo of Eva having a picnic breakfast on the porch. She really liked the Blueberry jelly. The toast, not so much.

More Jelly Please

We had a little cook out with my parents later on during a break from the hospital. Then after that we headed home by way of the hospital so Allison could visit Grandma. My sisters came up to see her as well. We then headed home, a much later ride than we usually do but the traffic wasn’t too bad and we made a side stop for some ice cream. We thought we were safe with Eva sleeping but she woke up while I was getting the ice cream. I had just bought a cone for Allison and I when I hear a familiar voice behind me. So someone got a little bit of daddy’s ice cream cone as a treat tonight. I think we needed it, not for the nutritional value of course but the mental health value. Besides, watching Eva eat ice cream will put a smile on anyone’s face.

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6 thoughts on “It is Not Summer Until…”

  1. I so envy you having beach time. I am so far away from any beach and don’t know when I’ll be able to go again. I bet it was funny watching Eva walk in the sand. I hope your Grandmother improves.

    Babas last blog post..Cool Giveaways

  2. Baba,
    For some strange reason I have to approve all of your comments now. I have no idea why.

    Watching Eva and the sand was a riot. She was so prissy. And she’s a rough and tumble little pixie for sure. Each day another scrape. But sand, sand was icky and had to be wiped off. So funny.

    Thanks for the well wishes for my grandma.

  3. I’m praying for your Grandmother, Drew…and for all of you.

    I adore the picture of Allison and Eva putting their toes in the ocean…adorable:)

  4. Mo,
    Thank you for the prayers. Watching Allison and Eva having fun on the beach was a wonderful moment to capture.

  5. Connie,
    Thank you for the prayers, yes we will pray for your aunt and her surgery.

    They beat you to the beach, amazing, however haven’t you guys had constant rain since we left Florida. I think someone needs to bring us back down to clear everything up. 🙂

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