It is What is Inside That Counts

It is What is Inside That Counts
Photo-A-Day #1477

For months I have been driving around with our old computer in back seat of the car, for months before that it was in the trunk. I kept meaning to bring it to a computer store down the street to see if I could sell it off for parts. The computer store went out of business so fast I never got a chance to bring the old computer in. The computer didn’t work, we had it hooked to our TV for a few weeks and used it as a DVR. However it up and died one day.

The other morning I was talking to my friend John. He had taken a few of his old electronic items to Best Buy and he had recycled them. He went in and paid $10 and was given a $10 gift card in exchange for the recycled item. I thought this was great, I’d be getting a $10 gift card to Best Buy. What I failed to realize was that I’d pay $10 to get the $10, it was 5:30am so the synapses were not firing yet. Well, I was still thinking that I’d get a $10 gift card, knowing full well that I had to pay $10 to get it but not exactly realizing that it was and exchange that neither put me behind nor ahead.

So off to Best Buy I went. When I went in I was told that I couldn’t recycle the computer without taking out the hard drive first. I borrowed a screwdriver and went to work on the hard drive. The thing was it was in their good and tight. Then one of the senior associates told me that I couldn’t work on the computer there. I was getting frustrated and nearly snapped at him but I git back my frustration and explained that I wasn’t buying the computer I was recycling it and had been told that the hard drive needed to come out. He was cool about it then and we even talked about our theories on Heroes and why Sylar didn’t die with a knife to the back of the head. My theory, because of all his shape shifting his brain stem may actually have been in the wrong place, hopefully that will be explained on Monday.

I couldn’t get the drive out and was trying to snap it out when the associate had the Geek Squad guys take it out for me. Then he said to ring up a free recycle. A Free recycle? Where was my $10 gift card. Again It still hadn’t dawned on me that a free recycle was the same as a $10 bill for a $10 gift card. I even asked. What about my $10 gift card? The associate explained that that was for monitors and such. I said oh, was a bit annoyed and walked away. It wasn’t until later that I realized that I was neither behind nor ahead. But I also realized that I should have removed the RAM, wireless card and a few other things before I gave that computer to be recycled. Because you know they are going to take the items, test them and if they are good will most likely resell them in a bargain area or something. I seriously was not thinking yesterday.

But I did pick up Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 and Adobe Premiere Elements 7. Not Lightroom but for now it will do.

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5 thoughts on “It is What is Inside That Counts”

  1. Next time you need a computer recycled email me. Marlborough has an electronics recycle at their waste transfer station. They also have a NEW “swap shack” for partially working stuff and baby strollers, etc. When I recycle a computer . I crack it open and pretty much there is nothing but frame and the motherboard left when I am done. I even pull the power supply if it’s good.

    lennys last blog post..I am just lazy I need to blog more and do more on my actual SECRET PROJECT ( Starbuck’s , Marlborough, Behind Main St.

  2. I don’t know lenny, after seeing that you were able to find out just from a photo I’m thinking I’d rip out the hard drive myself before I turned over the computer to you to be recycled. 🙂

    I really should have pulled more out however.

  3. Baba,
    The funny thing was that I was just not understanding that either way I’d be in the exact same situation. Even though I knew it overall. Sometimes the brain just shuts on down on me in these situations.

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