It Snowed!

It Snowed!
Photo-A-Day #1351

It snowed here today and after Eva woke up from her nap we put her in her snowpants and took her outside. At first she didn’t like the snow but she warmed up to it once we started trying to catch snowflakes on our tongues. I think it was the “Ted Murphy” face that was making her laugh.

It is calm and peaceful here so I’ll leave you with photos of our time in and out of the snow.

My Snowpants

Look at my snowpants

Snow Kept Coming Down

So, that was snow

Christmas Books

By the Tree

Eva with Grandfather

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2 thoughts on “It Snowed!”

  1. I love these pics. I cannot wait for a snowy day to take Sadie out to play. She is 21 months old and the perfect age! I bet that she and Eva would be buds if we lived close!

  2. Thanks Jo,
    We had even more fun today when I went and got Eva an inflatable sled. I bet that Sadie and Eva would be friends. Cute haircut for her by the way.

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