It’s MY Birthday, Pass the Cake

It's MY Birthday, Pass the Cake
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I post so many super cute photos of Eva I had to show her feisty side once in a while. Tonight we celebrated Eva’s 2nd birthday, she was a bit over tired though. I tried multiple times to get her to take a nap. I was unsuccessful. So here is a photo of my sweet angel, about to turn 2, having way too much stimulation, food, noise and chaos. It was fun!

After work I went on over to the North Attleboro track to take photos for my sister Tara. She is the coach for the girl’s cross country team. The meet today was the last home one. I took a ton of shots of the team and gave them to her for the end of the year. Eva loves going to the track meets and cheering on the team. Her cries of “Kids! Running!” can be heard all over the track. Tara got Eva a kids jacket that says “Lil’ Coach”. It is so cute, check it out.

Lil' Coach

After the track meet we took a quick trip on over to Stop and Shop to pick up Eva’s Tinkerbell themed cake. It was delicious and so cute too. To take care of the ice cream part of the traditional cake and ice cream combo I picked up those individual Friendly’s sundaes so there was variety and easy clean up. Plus they are delicious.

Eva's Tinkerbell 2nd Birthday Cake

We did a make your own pizza party where we put out all the fixins in bowls and let everyone put their own toppings on the pizzas. The kids made their own pizzas first so they could eat early enough. Eva’s friends Nate and Audrey came over with their mom Michelle. Eva loves those guys and they have been such wonderful friends to us and we were very happy that they came to the party. The kids loved their pizzas and making their own choices.

The Kids make their Pizzas

My parents came up and Allison’s parents came up from Florida. We were also joined by my sister Tara and her in-laws Bonnie and Howard. After pizza we dug into the Tinkerbell cake. Wow, what a difference a whole year makes. This year Eva was in a cute little dress whereas last year we pretty much put Eva in her diaper so she could get as messy as she wanted to get. We knew that she would eat her cake like a big girl and she did. She even blew out the candle and then she did a little taste test.

This tastes great!

After cake we opened presents. Eva recieved some really nice presents from everyone. She wanted to open each one as it was opened as well. She wanted to play with them right away too. It is so hard to tell her no especially when she’d be so cute playing with her new toys. I can’t wait to see her play with this new toy with her friend Audrey, they look so enchanted by it.

Perfect toy for Two Friends.

I also put up a few more birthday photos.

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  1. That’s exactly the face she made when she found out I was riding in the car home with her and Mo from Maggiano’s. “No ride in car with me!” hee hee

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